Saturday, June 16, 2012

Standing ovation after first show

The BDDS concert was terrific last night...I just read the surveys and our audience so loves live music BDDS-style.  The backdrop sparkled and dazzled during the lovely de Manziarly piece.  Stephanie was beautifully showcased in the Prokofiev.  Jeffrey and the SFPT was breathtaking.  Ten people bought White Russians from the bar.

John Barker, there to review our concert, won the huge geranium door prize.  One of the three students in the audience won the Keg Stand t-shirt and free beer token to Great Dane.  He put it on and gestured he'd do a head stand on his seat, there was a big laugh.

Encourage your friends to come tonight and tomorrow, White Russian was amazing.  The audience was speechless for quite a while after the last piece.  "Tonight," as Axel said, "if anyone is emotionally depleted after the Tchaikovsky, come back tomorrow where we will be featuring the Corpse Reviver!" 

Friday, June 15, 2012

T minus 2 hours 40 minutes

Our first show is tonight!!  Let's just get there!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another opening, another show...

MIXOLOGY has begun!  We had our first outreach concert this afternoon at Middleton Glen for about 70 wonderful audience members.  They left the room telling me they didn't know which tune to hum, they were all so good.  Tonight we'll have a Fan the Flames rehearsal...this is where our generous patrons get to be flies on the wall and listen to Stephanie, Jeffrey, Jean-Michel, and Axel duke it out musically in preparation for this weekends' concerts.  All system are go and we're feeling great!  Can't wait to share this music and this fun with more of you out there!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week two, here we come!

It's the moment of calm before the storm. I am sitting here in Tom Terry's posh condo downtown enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and one of Debbie Morton's cupcakes. Planes are flying in and out of Madison, BDDS artists are arriving and departing, Edenwebb is getting cleaned, but for me this Monday morning is a rare moment of quiet. The only thing I have to prepare for is a massage from our friend the fabulous Kris Knight.

And then it's back to the races. A few moments of practicing on my own, then Kit Taylor and get together to tackle An American in Paris and Messiaen's Visions de l'amen, the the Wilkinsons and Wendels cook us dinner, then more rehearsing...

These weeks feel like a kind of hyper-reality. It's a very intense time—I couldn't sustain this for much more than three weeks, but man I do love it when it's here.

Off to a great start!

Our twentieth season is off to a great start. What a fun week we've had!

My spring was exceptionally busy this year—the last day of classes at my school was Friday, June 3, I hopped on a plane to Madison June 4, we started rehearsals June 5—so I started out the week with all the fatigues of the year piled high. But the energy of the music, the artists, the great food—it has all completely revived me.

I was particularly proud of last night's concert at Taliesin. The Coffee Cantata was the funniest yet, the Franck and the Rorem went great... Maybe it was because of the great food we had at Hill St B&B in Spring Green between shows. Or else the FABULOUS cupcakes and espresso from the Driftless Depot in Spring Green. They opened just for us! Thank you Debbie!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nancy S. hangs up boots

Our first week of BDDS is through...Nancy S. will again hang up her boots until another seven years or so...

We had a fun and fantastic week one: the harpsichord schleps, Jeffrey's translation of the Coffee Cantata, Gregory's soul patch and tatoos, Anna's amazing voice, Carmit...CarMIT!, Stephanie's radio interviews and joie de vivre on stage. Timothy and that whipped cream, Bruce's Coffeee sign, Stephanie Sant' Ambrogio's acting debut in Madison, and Dan's wry stories and Parry and Suzanne our violin and cello backbones.

The cake was delicious (La Brioche True Food and Herbs, Spice and More), the cupcakes out of this WORLD (Driftless Depot), the tamales at Hill Str. B&B, the quiche, the Caesar salad at Daphne's. Just a few fabulous memories from the week. For now, I will drift off, music filling my head... Let's start it all over on Monday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Concert

Our first concert was tonight: The End of the Affair, with the Imbrie Serenade, Schumann 2nd violin sonata, CPE Bach D major quartet (for flute, viola, and piano, yes, a quartet for three instruments), and Mendelssohn 3rd piano quartet. A great program! And I loved the reading from the novel that Colleen Burns gave—fabulous. I had it relatively easy tonight—only one piece to play, the Schumann—but no-one could ever call that piece easy. Honestly, it's one of the most challenging pieces I have ever played. But so beautiful. Eli Kalman had the lion's share of piano playing tonight. That Imbrie is no walk in the park (though a great piece), and that Mendelssohn is KILLER. I think there are maybe 10 measure in the whole half-hour piece when he's not playing fast 16th notes. Sounded great, though—a tour de force.

Saturday morning we have our dress rehearsal at the Playhouse in Overture, then the concert at 7:30 pm: Dangerous Liaisons, with one of the Telemann Paris Quartets, Ravel duo sonata, Chopin Introduction and Polonaise brillante, Vieuxtemps Elegy, and Fauré 1st piano quartet. I'm playing all but the Telemann and Ravel, so that's MY big night. Should be fun!